Jay Mandel

Jay Mandel
Speaker's Name: Jay Mandel
Speaker's Bio:

After nearly 20 years in Corporate America, I founded The Collective NYC in 2018.

My approach is a marriage of the “heart and the head” which results in compelling integrated customer experiences that build brand awareness, drive engagement and increase revenue.

Candor and curiosity enable me to help organizations shift marketing with facts and features to an emotional connection with customers.

I’m a collaborative leader that helps to foster environments based on mutual respect. I am comfortable with ambiguity, matrix structures, and managing virtual, cross-functional technical and non-technical teams.

At Mastercard, I provided six regions and 220 markets with proper tools to complete consistent/on-brand social and content marketing (I.e, social publishing and collaboration platform, dashboards, social listening, and analytics) which lead to multiple award-winning global campaigns including Open Championship, and the Rugby World Cup.

As a strategist, leader, and internal evangelist, I have diverse experience in financial services, technology, & energy industries.

I have lived and learned from nearly 20 years of corporate experience and have successfully shifted to become an entrepreneur with a business that connects my personal values and passions with the companies I work with. I can help you do the same in three areas; branding/ content creation, helping you to establish your software infrastructure and the establishment of an account management practice.

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