Having social media speakers come share thoughts with students in the classroom is an important part of any student’s education. Social media professionals can add to your curriculum to help your lessons come to life.

When considering a social media speaker for students, please consider the following:

  • Cost: Many of our speakers do not charge to speak at colleges and universities, or only charge for the cost of travel and lodging.

  • Energy Level: You want someone who can keep students engaged and excited. We have a lot of social media speakers that focus on inspiring people.

  • Teaching Background: A lot of our social media keynote speakers have experience in the classroom, and this helps ensure they work well with you and that their presentation is meaningful.

  • Travel: It’s always best to have people in-person. If that’s not possible, it’s ok to set up a video conference all with your social media speaker.

Social media marketing for students are in a fantastic place because jobs related to digital adverting are growing and some of the most popular jobs of today.

You can search all our social media speakers for students in our social media speaker directory and see some of our featured speakers below.