Influencer marketing speakers know the influencer marketing space very well and can be a fantastic addition to your conference or event. Influencer marketing is the term used to describe people on social media that have the power to promote an idea, product, or brand.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

Our speakers focusing on influencer marketing are:

  • Experienced Influencers: Speakers focusing on influencer marketing provide better content when they themselves have influence. Influencers can be nano, micro, macro, or mega.

  • Brand Leaders: Influencer marketing from a brand perspective is unique and speakers of influence should be able to see it from a business and consumer perspective.

  • Motivational Speakers: You want speakers of influencer marketing to be motivational and to inspire so they can touch your audience and keep people coming back to your marketing conference or event.

You need to have someone speak about influencer marketing at your event because influencer marketing is not going anywhere (source):

  • 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. A survey conducted by Collective Bias involving 14,000 respondents in the US, reveals this influencer marketing statistic.

  • The same survey reveals that 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. Consumers can relate more to these influencers and value their opinions more than that of celebrity influencers.
Influencer Marketing Speakers

Do a search through our influencer marketing speaker database and you will surely find an influencer marketing speaker that will make your next conference or event a big hit.

9 Vital Tips To Keep In Mind When Hiring an Influencer Marketing Speaker

Influencer Marketing Speakers are people you can hire to speak about Influencer Marketing, they can be experts, professionals or educators.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

What to look for when hiring an influencer marketing speaker

Before you hire an influencer marketing speaker, you need to decide what your goals are. Some of the most effective influencer marketing speakers can be employed at very reasonable prices. As you are reading this, if you’re a B2B lead or you are targeting a small and medium-sized business, you can employ an influencer marketing speaker at very reasonable costs. As the majority of your audience is a consumer, you can utilize an influencer marketing speaker to share with them any insights, case studies or tips and tricks that would help them use the latest trends, tools or strategies when it comes to Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

Clear the time

The ideal time to schedule a blogger is well in advance of the event, they must have a firm understanding of the topic that they are invited to speak about. This may be in relation to different interests that they have as influencers. Set the money The online community is huge, so it will be hard to find a blogger that has a niche that is related to that of your event. It may be worth having a look online at any companies they may be linked with to help you find potential experts. The cost of hiring an influencer should be determined before the event. Expect to pay a fee per person that is a good value for the work and time that will be put into the event. It’s important to get this price right, which is why many people prefer to book them individually.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

What to give to an influencer marketing speaker

You need to give the speaker some kind of incentive so he or she will be interested in your event. You can offer the influencer a free product to be used in the presentation, or money to promote your product, or you can give the influencer tickets to your event, or maybe free product samples. The key is to give value. Your speaker will spend time and effort with you to make your event great. 10. Kavita Bathija, Marketing Manager, Trade Topics The tips: You should first know your target audience and understand their expectations. You should create clear calls-to-action, which will guide the audience to the right path and promote your event. Speakers should know the product that they want to promote and come prepared. 11.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

What not to give to an influencer marketing speaker

A slight detail many beginners forget is that if you hire an influencer marketing speaker from an SEO company, the website of the SEO company should be next to the speaker’s website on the “who is our speaker” page. In other words, SEO companies should never outsource the job of speaking and book the speaker. I strongly recommend you not to do it unless you really know the brand well and you trust them to deliver the quality of the speaker you will be using. Influencer marketing experts aren’t cheap, in order to book one of these speakers, you must pay in advance. This means you are signing the speaker for the set duration. Typically, they will get paid for an event which lasts 4 hours. This means you should think carefully about how many people are you going to bring for the event.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

What questions to ask an influencer marketing speaker

A good influencer marketing speaker should not only be knowledgeable on the subject but should be able to teach their audience about the topic and help them make the right decision. For example, a fitness influencer could use her expertise on health to educate her audience about what specific food and exercise can do for them and if it is right for them. You would probably want the speaker to be as much interested in talking about their work as they are in speaking about their work. Being able to speak about your business is essential to giving an audience an insider view. 1. Do your research There is a lot to be done before you hire an influencer marketing speaker and most of it will be from your side.

Influencer Marketing Speakers

What to provide for an influencer marketing speaker

There are several things you must do before choosing an Influencer Marketing Speaker: Check the experience of the speakers : if the speaker you are planning to hire has been successful with Influencer Marketing, he will be able to help you achieve your goals. : if the speaker you are planning to hire has been successful with Influencer Marketing, he will be able to help you achieve your goals. Determine the audience and what will they be interested in : you need to figure out what your audience wants and what the focus is of your campaign. : you need to figure out what your audience wants and what the focus is of your campaign. Figure out the budget: try to find out if the Speaker will accept your payment in advance.

influencer marketing speaker

What do influencer marketing speakers do?

Why are you looking for an Influencer Marketing speaker? What is the perfect profile of an Influencer Marketing speaker? I’ve spoken with Influencer Marketing experts, they are often the most down to earth people you can imagine. They are familiar with the areas you’re working on but are also able to solve your problems in a very practical and personal way. If you have a problem on your hands it’s not that hard to find someone to solve it with their business experience and approach. Plus when you hire an Influencer Marketing speaker you’re also giving them the chance to share their passion for Influencer Marketing and how they’re growing their business with it.

influencer marketing speaker

Who are Influencer Marketing Speakers?

In many ways they are like any other speakers you hire. There is one big difference though. In this case the person you hire has a stake in the success of your project. It might be a personal stake, it might be a company stake. Here are 9 Vital Tips to keep in mind when hiring an Influencer Marketing speaker: Do your homework on the speaker. Do you know the speaker well enough to let them create a great presentation? Are they the right type of person for this particular project? Their professional expertise is an asset, they don’t need to be known on a professional level to be a great speaker. Spend time researching them. Find out as much as you can about their experience in your field. What have they done and what were they able to accomplish in this particular situation?

influencer marketing speaker

What should you look for?

Some things to look for when hiring an Influencer Marketing Speaker: Type of experience. Whether it’s a Social Media marketer, the head of a content agency or a blogger, as long as the person has extensive experience within a specific area, then the speaking part will be easy. Audience. Is the audience familiar with Influencer Marketing? If not, then they must learn about it before the event. Consideration of the cost. The cost of speaking isn’t cheap, so if they offer an affordable package, then it’s a good option. Organizational Skills. The speaker must be capable of managing their personal time, resources and a whole marketing team. Personal touch. A person should understand what audience is interested in and prepare well for the event.

How much do influencer marketing speakers cost?

You will have to think about the cost for a speaker who is well-known in your industry, and you can find out by looking at the range of speakers you can hire. For example, if you have a target audience of women who are familiar with social media, you may want to choose a speaker with a similar background. There are two main types of speaker; a talking one and a presentation one. You can hire the talking speaker if you want someone to just give you an idea of the subject, then you can have it done by an expert. The second option is for someone to conduct a full-fledged workshop or presentation about the topic. Why is influencer marketing important? If you want to spend money on something, you want it to be beneficial for your business, especially in the world of digital marketing.

What are the benefits of hiring an influencer marketing speaker?

I believe the key benefits of hiring an Influencer Marketing speaker are: Hiring an influencer marketing speaker may be less expensive than hiring an agency or an in-house marketing team Organizations spend a lot of money and time on SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing and creating content. Hiring an influencer marketing speaker can save you thousands and it’s already been done! There are many “influencer marketing” speakers out there so you won’t necessarily have to deal with the same person or company again. Each one of them has his or her own unique style, approach and subject matter expertise. Some are more technical than others. You know that you can hire a marketing speaker, so hire the one that has the most expertise.

What are the drawbacks?

Your audience may not understand or relate to the experts or experts may be reluctant to speak about the topic in a non-authorial manner. 12 recommendations to increase your chances of hiring the right experts: Work with established experts. Ensure they are willing to discuss the topic in an objective and non-authorial way. Work with speakers who may have expertise in the industry or the subject matter you are wanting to present, or might be willing to share their knowledge. There are also other things to consider such as the content you want to use and the point you would like to make, for example in a health, nutrition or brand related campaign, or a personal brand related campaign.


While, there are some basic things you must take care of when hiring an Influencer Marketing Speaker, there are more significant things you can do, however if you are diligent, we believe that you will find it easier. Are you a big fan of this kind of content marketing? Why don’t you share it with your friends?